Small Wood Projects

Small wood projects are the best projects to get started on woodwork.

They’re easy for beginners to learn the ways of woodworking and it’s a good use of time too. Woodworking has been around for centuries as a hobby and a means of making an income. It all starting with a knife and a piece of wood and then is slowly expanded to whittling pieces of wood and now there are machinery of all sorts to transform wood into magnificent art. If you’re just getting started, then here are some small wood projects for you to try your hand at.

One of the many favorites among woodworkers is a wooden box. This project is easy enough as it consist of straight edge planks and can be made in various sizes. It’s a great stepping stones for beginners since it involves very little cutting and putting together. When we say boxes, we don’t mean gigantic ones for storage but simple small ones that can be used to store odds and ends, letters, keys, stationary, recipes, bills and so on. What’s more, when you’ve put the wooden pieces together and formed a box, you can even add some details to it. Designs and patterns on wood aren’t difficult if you practice, so take a carving knife and practice your hand at carving. If you’re too afraid to do it on your box, then invest in a wood burning pen and use that instead. It adds an edgy and unique look to the box. Small Wood Projects

Small Wood Projects

Another great option would be wooden signs. They can be anything you want be it door signs, fun signs, decorative signs and so on. It’s easy to make and can be quite fun too if you have got the patience. The best thing about making wooden signs as a small wood project is that there is no right or wrong and there’s no such thing as a mistake. It’s also the cheapest thing you can do because you don’t have to purchase the wood but instead, pick up a nice piece from the woods or an unwanted piece from a lumber yard. This project would be great for you to learn carving and designing as to create the sign you can use a carving knife for the main words and work on the details with a wood burning pen. Small Wood Projects

For a bigger challenge on small wood projects.

Why not try your hand at children’s furniture?  Simple things that require straight boards and wood pieces are chairs and square or rectangular tables.  They’re quite challenging to start from scratch so contemplate getting the pieces from a wood store and assemble it and do the woodwork details yourself. However, if you’re up for the challenge, then look for plans and ideas from the internet. By following a plan, it would be much easier and you’d also be able to create stable furniture pieces with accurate measurements as well. Besides that, you can also try your hand at small bookcases, tiny display cabinets, dollhouses and so on. Small Wood Projects

Small Wood Projects

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